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新家集团于2021年在新加坡登记注册,由美国房地产建筑工程集团提供前期投资资金,致力于房地产开发项目投资,建筑工程总承包商、房屋销售和建筑材料贸易等业务。新加集团目前的主要投资市场在新加坡,未来将把业务扩大到马来西亚槟城,包括建筑工程施工,总承包商业务等,其投资资金也将主要来源于美国房地产建筑工程集团。 New Home Group was registered in Singapore in 2021. With the prophase investment funds provided by USA Realty Construction Group, New Home Group is committed to the projects investment in real estate development, and the business of general construction contractor and house sales, and trade in building materials, etc. Currently, Singapore is the main investment market of New Home Group, and the business will be expanded to Penang, Malaysia in the future, including construction engineering...


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Under the U.S. EB-5 Investment immigration law, it required an investment amount of USD $1.05 million. After the permanent green card is approved, the investment amount can be refunded or be used to purchase the house in the investment projects.



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